Federal and State Estate and Gift Taxation

The transfer of wealth, whether done during one’s life or following one’s death, can be considered a gift to another individual and may be subject to either a gift tax or an estate tax. Our attorneys consult with clients to create structured gifting plans that can minimize the tax burden to both the person who is making the gift and the person who is receiving the gift. In addition to creating structured lifetime gifting plans or organizing tax-efficient gift to take place upon someone’s passing, our attorneys can assist with the preparation and filing of gift tax returns and federal and state estate tax returns.


Our attorneys are familiar with the subtleties of estate and gift tax laws and can help you to navigate these challenging issues so that the gift is received by its intended recipient. Our attorneys are also able to offer representation in situations where there is an audit or controversy with the IRS or State of Illinois regarding an estate or gift tax return that was filed.

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